Since I had the news about my Mum, I tried to find support groups in my area where I could chat to people who deal with similar things that I will be dealing with very soon.

I have lived abroad for nearly a decade now, and while I’m never further than an hour flight away, the whole dread of the situation is amplified by the feeling that I can’t just be there for her. Now it seems that support groups for family and friends are a bit thin on the ground here, particularly for lung cancer, but I also couldn’t find anything that relates to people in my situation, those who aren’t in the immediate vicinity of the people battling this shit.

I can’t be alone with this and if you read this and you find yourself in a similar situation, know that you are not alone with this.

Now all I have to do is learn how to deal with it.

As this is a vehicle of release, there will be copious amounts of swearing as warranted by the shittiness of the situation.