Rip it up and start again

So after the last doctor’s visit, Mum had another phone call.

Apparently it’s too dangerous to start radiation right away, because the hole the shrinking tumour has left means that the pressure may be too high and she could potentially burst a vessel.

Now the doctors have had a chat (did I mention, this new lot is AMAZING, they actually talk to each other like real people) and decided the best thing would be to operate and take out the affected wing of her lung so that the unaffected side can expand and take over. Now let’s rewind a few days and Mum told me they weren’t sure that what they diagnosed at the other hospital were really Mets. They weren’t in her liver, those lesions were left overs from a previous bout of liver disease, and the ones in her hip either weren’t there or had gone completely.

Now this bit is where it’s crucial, because if they managed to shrink it enough to be operable, and it’s contained to one side, now if she doesn’t have mets anywhere… Technically speaking this would mean she’d be cancer free afetrwards, right? Since this wasn’t an option when we first got the diagnosis, my head is spinning a little.

Either way, this surely is good news?

Can someone more savvy explain?

Rip it up and start again