The Faces of Lung Cancer 9

Johan Cruyff



I really wish I didn’t have to post this particular one because it only happened yesterday (24/03/2016).


Cruyff, voted player of the century in 1999, was vital to make the Dutch team a force to be reckoned with in the 70’s, and was a key player for Ajax and Barcelona.

In the 80’s he continued his career as a coach, and led Barcelona to 4 Liga titles as well as several European titles.

He was diagnosed with Lung cancer in October ’15. Having always been a heavy smoker, he gave up the habit in ’91 after a double bypass surgery. He became a famous anti smoking advocate associated with the slogan “Football has given me everything in life, tobacco almost took it all away.”

Just goes to show that sometimes it can get you regardless of what you do to avoid it, and that we really can’t judge those who fall victim to this disease.


Johan died surrounded by his family in Barcelona.






The Faces of Lung Cancer 9